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In-home training is ideal for treating behavioral problems like aggression, anxiety, hyperactivity, leash reactivity, and housebreaking. These types of problems simply cannot be solved in a group setting or via board-and-train programs. Group training does not allow for the individual, customized attention these problems require, and board-and-train programs cut out a key element in the training process—you.

In-home training allows your dog to stay in his or her normal environment, amidst the same triggers and distractions he or she encounters on a daily basis. Your dog receives one-on-one attention and a regimen that is tailored to his or her specific needs, as well as your lifestyle, to ensure that the training stays consistent. You’ll stay involved in the training process so that your dog learns to respond to you just as easily as he or she responds to the trainer. These are all vital elements when trying to change your dog’s entire way of thinking, rather than simply smoothing out a few rough edges.

How does in-home training work?

It starts with a consultation, which takes place in your home so the trainer can observe your dog’s behavior for himself, decipher the root cause of the behavioral issue(s), and create that personalized training program that only needs your seal of approval to be implemented. There are no cookie-cutter solutions with in-home training, and that’s why Space City Dog Training has been so successful.

A few techniques that may be used include basic obedience training, proper leash handling techniques, place training, crate training, structured scheduling, and elimination of roaming, among others. It all depends on your dog’s specific needs, as well as your comfort level.

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in-home dog training in houston

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