Dog Training for New Parents

Cribs and Canines

Dog Training for New Parents in Houston


Cribs & Canines is a relatively new program at Space City Dog Training. Our trainer knows it is important to offer a class especially designed for new and expecting parents, as infants can bring their own special challenges to a dog-friendly household.

dog Why Cribs & Canines?

Even child-friendly dogs may be taken aback by the sudden, squawking baby in their home. They won’t be used to the noise, the stroller, or the space the baby (and pregnant mama) undoubtedly needs. Toys can be a big issue when the new baby comes; so many baby toys resemble dog toys, and you may find your dog steals your baby’s toys without ever realizing he/she is doing something wrong.

Babies can make even the most seasoned dogs nervous, and nervous dogs can react in unpredictable ways. To avoid any sudden problems like aggression, nervous peeing, excessive barking, or extreme anxiety, make sure your dog is prepared by utilizing our in-home training program.

What are our training methods?

We use reward-based training techniques and effective communication skills to set boundaries for your dog and to help you enforce those boundaries between sessions, and ultimately after the training is complete. We can work with you before or after the new baby arrives, or, ideally, during both time frames. We will make sure your dog understands how important the baby is and respects your new arrival’s space.

Any current behavioral problems that may cause you concern, like jumping, nipping, hyperactivity, etc. can be resolved before the baby comes, and any behavioral problems that may occur after the baby is born (like territorial tendencies) will be nipped in the bud. The training will ensure your dog listens to and focuses on you.

It is never too late or too early to help your whole family, dog included, get ready for baby. Include it in your prenatal education, just as you would a labor and delivery class or infant care class. This helps to keep dogs out of shelters and in their safe and loving homes.

dog training for new parents
dog training for new parents in houston

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