Dog Training FAQ’s

Isn’t in-home training expensive?

Many trainers make in-home training expensive by charging per session, and they may even draw out the training because they know the more times they come to your home, the more they can charge. At Space City Dog Training, we charge one flat fee and remain to committed to you until the goals are met. Because we practice commitment-based training, it’s actually more beneficial to us to meet the training goals as efficiently as possible.

How long will the training take?

Each dog is different, so each training program must be different. This is something the trainer may be able to give you an estimate for during the in-home consultation.

I don’t think my dog needs one-on-one attention. He/she really just needs basic obedience training. Is there another option?

If your dog does not exhibit signs of a severe behavioral problem (aggression, anxiety, leash reactivity, etc.), then you might be interested in Practical Pet Protocol. This is an effective way to teach dogs basic obedience in a group setting, and it’s led by our very own Travis Yantes, who also handles our in-home training services.

My dog is so aggressive many trainers don’t want to work with him/her. Do you have a policy against aggressive dogs?

We will never turn away a physically healthy dog, no matter the behavioral challenge. In fact, we believe that aggressive dogs need the most help, as the consequences of their behavior can be severe. Aggression is a behavioral problem, and we know that behavior can be modified.

Separation anxiety isn’t a behavioral problem. How can behavioral training help?

Separation anxiety is not a behavioral problem in the sense that your dog is behaving badly. However, behavioral problems often stem from problems like fear and anxiety. Our training courses are designed to help your dog kick his/her bad habits and also set a foundation of trust that puts them at ease and makes communication easier. These same techniques can be used to treat separation anxiety.

Can a dog be too young/old for dog training?

Not at all. We recommend starting training as early as possible for puppies so they clearly know the boundaries and expected behavior from the start. We have a special puppy training program for those pups less than sixteen weeks of age. As for older dogs, they are often passed over at shelters for fear they’re stuck in their ways, but they can be trained just as effectively as puppies. Even older dogs who have been with the same family for years can begin exhibiting poor behavior, and that poor behavior can be fixed.

I have a question that isn’t listed here. How can I get an answer? 

Give Space City Dog Training a call at 346.998.1212 or send an e-mail through our contact page.