Aggressive Dog Training

Aggressive Dog Training Houston – WE CAN HELP!

Training your aggressive dog is no problem for Space City Dog Training. We don’t discriminate based on breed, size, age, or temperament—and we certainly won’t turn away dogs who need our help the most.

What is aggression?

Aggression is the most severe type of behavioral problem because aggression carries the highest number of potential consequences. Your aggressive dog could injure another pet, a stranger, or a loved one. This could, of course, result in financial burdens as well as the possible burden of being forced to euthanize your pet. This is obviously a problem that needs to be addressed efficiently and effectively, and Space City Dog Training can help you turn your dog’s behavior around.

What causes aggression?

There are many different causes of aggression, including temperament, fear, anxiety, and the will to dominate. Space City Dog Training can help you decipher the root cause of your dog’s poor behavior and customize a training regimen to get that behavior under control. Training is about communication, and we can help you communicate boundaries to your dog. A large part of this training will involve exercises designed to create a foundation of trust and respect between you and your pet, which will place you in the leadership role as well as teach your dog that his or her focus should remain on you and away from any other potential distractions.

Don’t Give Up!

Don’t lose hope because your dog’s behavior seems out of control. He or she is not a lost cause, as some might have you believe. Behavior is a trait that can be modified, as long as you have an experienced in-home trainer by your side.

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