Meet the Office Staff at Space City Dog Training – Houston Texas Dog Training

John Van Olden

John Van Olden has made a name for himself in the dog training industry. With over two decades of experience behind him, he’s managed to revolutionize the manner in which dog training is performed and trainers are selected.

Dog Training with John Van OldenHis story began at eighteen, when he joined the military police and had to train and care for his own police dog. He realized his true calling and went straight to work once his service was complete. He was a founding member of the International Association of Canine Professionals, owned a company called K-9 Advantage, and presided over the largest in-home training company in the country, PAWSitive Solutions. It was all just leading up to his greatest achievement, Canine Trade Group.

Canine Trade Group educates and promotes trainers that have been handpicked by John. Through his intensive certification program, he makes sure his trainers know everything there is to know about the canine mind, behavior, history, and training methods. These trainers are currently located all across the country, waiting to assist frustrated dog owners in their area. By calling one single number, you can find a professional, certified, and experienced local trainer.

Cristin Ellis

Dog Training with Cristin NataroCristin is John’s right-hand woman. She works in the Canine Trade Group offices as the Associate Behavior Consultant, connecting owners with trainers that will be able to help them with all of their training needs. As a lifetime dog lover, owner, and competition trainer, Cristin knows a thing or two about canine behavior.

She has a golden retriever named Hunter and two border collies, Sike! and Elsa, all of whom have had their own share of behavioral problems. Cristin never had any problem training dogs for agility competitions, but Sike! especially brought with him some severe behavioral problems, like resource guarding, anxiety, and aggression. Using Canine Trade Group techniques, Cristin was able to help relieve Sike!’s anxiety and transform him into the sweet, mild-mannered dog she always knew he could be.

Nicole Zulkowski

Ever since she was a child, Nicole knew that she wanted dogs to be involved in her life and her career. She attended Ursinus College and graduated with a BS in Biology, aiming to work in the animal field. All throughout high school and college, Nicole worked various jobs involving animals. Later after graduating, she worked as a veterinary technician and as a handler at a dog daycare. It was here that her interest in dog behavior came to full fruition, and began seeking opportunities in the dog training industry.

Nicole found Canine Trade Group and joined their office staff, talking to owners about their dog problems and guiding them to the right training program that would address all their needs and training goals. She has studied the dog training course that Canine Trade Group’s trainers take, which has built her understanding and experience in complex canine behaviors.

She lives happily with her two dogs: her Pitbull mix named Willow and a Boston Terrier/Pug mix named Brooklyn.

Contact the office at 346.998.1212 to learn how Canine Trade Group can find you the perfect trainer and help mold your pooch into the perfect pet.